Online Reputation Repair by NAABB and Scott Radin

By Scott Radin, Owner & Founder of the North American of Business Brokers and A.S. Radin & Associates.

You are probably looking for a complicated answer to this because the situation itself has made your life complicated. BUT the answer is not going to be complicated and works much better than endless SEO of blogs etc or paying thousands for reputation repair services. The answer is so simple yet most don’t do it. This is EXACTLY the same way we have addressed our famous attack for years.

Okay are you ready?

We are sorry. But all is not lost. First thing, don’t fight it and don’t bash it. The online slander will not go away. And if you threaten these online slander sites, they will just make your online complaint more prevalent. But all is not lost! Well you could pay $10,000 or more to someone who is going bury these online slander postings – it may work but wow – that’s quite a price. And most can’t afford it.

So what can you do?

If it’s true then face it head on and address it. You have to post a rebuttal on the slander site on what you did to correct it.

BUT IF IT ISN’T TRUE then don’t hide from it. We built a business broker empire while being the victim of one of the worst online slander attempts of all time. And we will tell you how.


Yes we will explain. First and foremost face the facts – it’s there and never going away. You can’t deny it’s there because it will always be there. If you cry out IT’S NOT TRUE or worse attack back then you only look guilty and defensive in the eyes of readers – your customers or clients. We know because we made this mistake early on in 2009.

We address it in our marketing prospectus, we address it using Pay Per Click. we address it in our FAQ pages and we use it to show our prospects that we are not afraid of it.

Simply put, it’s not true and we address it and tell our story. We put a face to the complaint while the coward attacking us does not. YOU SEE most people recognize anonymous complaints as someone not willing to stand up and prove it.

NOT ONLY DOES IT WORK – it generates us new business because we are direct about it.

If you would like a a FREE consultation email Scott Radin at . Our rebuttal consultation is 100% free and you will learn more about what we do to counteract online slander and how our rebuttal program is going to take on slander sites for search engine positioning.

WHAT NOT TO DO – DO NOT post fake positive reviews of yourself. That’s a no no! And never lie – when posting rebuttals here or elsewhere tell the truth.

By Scott Radin, Owner & Founder of the North American of Business Brokers and A.S. Radin & Associates.

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